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New York, USA | Published on: February 21, 2014
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Unlock AT&T iPhone for Any Other SIM Card Worldwide http://pr.co/p/001in2
AT&T iPhone users have several ways for unlocking their iOS smartphone by IMEI number or through AT&T carrier or through using official unlocking service. Essential advices for all AT&T users worldwide. If you have contract details and your iPhone is out of contract already - call AT&T, otherwise contact trusted service and get the best service ever.

Users with the AT&T iPhone can unlock their smartphone in a couple of ways. AT&T offers official unlock for its Apple handsets if they are out of contract. Factory unlock is another service you are can use that works for both contract iPhones and out of contract AT&T iPhone gadgets. Both methods have their pros and cons.

AT&T iPhone Unlock from Carrier

For example, if you order unlock directly from AT&T [in case you are eligible] you can save your money. It is mostly free to get this service if your contract is over.

It is possible to run iPhone out of contract checker to make sure it is over or get the real end date. Network checking service answers the questions and provides information that can be useful to you.

The main disadvantage of this first method is it will not unlock AT&T iPhone 5S / 5c since these models were released in 2014 meaning the contracts are ending in 2016. Once again, when you are contacting AT&T carrier for unlocking, you have to meet their requirements: have a clean IMEI code, have an account in good standing, be out of contract etc.

You have to be an active AT&T customer to start filling the unlocking form. If you don’t have an account with this mobile operator but have its smartphone you are out of luck for free unlock. You risk nothing if you contact the company so you can give it a try.

The main advantage of official AT&T unlock is its price. It is often free for out of contract users. At the same time the company has changed its unlocking policy and it now takes longer to complete the process. It also make factory unlock more expensive for third-party companies that work with this carrier distantly.

Factory Unlock AT&T iPhone Using IMEI

The second method is safe and fast. It works for all iPhone models (5S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS / 3G), including contract and out of contract devices. It supports all versions of iOS and basebands. Its main benefit is the remote service. You can order factory AT&T iPhone unlock distantly from your home if you have active internet connection.

List of advantages you get:

- fast results [note that it may take from 1 to 21 days to complete unlock because of the new AT&T unlock policy]
- distant service
- support for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4 / 4S / 3 GS etc.
- support for iOS 7, 7.x, 6, 6.x and other firmware versions
- permanent result [you will never be locked again]
- untouched Apple warranty
- support for all SIM cards and all carriers
- cheaper communication since you can use local SIMs instead of roaming

List of disadvantages

- you can’t unlock blacklisted IMEI
- unlock costs money
- your iPhone must be activated with AT&T network
- iPhone must be locked to AT&T

You can of course unlock iPhones locked to other mobile operators but use a different package with the name of your carrier. Run iPhone IMEI checker to get the name of the company you are locked to.

Barred IMEI can’t be unlocked thus you need to use iPhone blacklist checker as well to make sure you are not blacklisted and your handset is not reported as lost / stolen. As you can see both unlocks have their pros / cons and particular requirements for you to be eligible for the service.

Here is how you order any unlock:

Step 1. You contact a company that offers iPhone unlock from AT&T network.

Step 2. You make sure you are eligible for the service [provide your IMEI, email and any other information asked by the company].

Step 3. Pay for the service if it is not free.

Step 4. Wait for the results.

Step 5. If you have ordered IMEI unlock you will need to connect your smartphone to iTunes to complete the procedure.

Step 6. You can now be unlocked and use all SIM cards anywhere you travel.